Community Involvement

Casten Body Shop’s commitment to giving back to the community through local support of programs and events is commendable.

The use of two movies themed vans to bring smiles and nostalgic feelings to people is a creative and enjoyable way to engage with the community.

The participation in events like Wauconda Library, Ela Library, Vintage Days of Long Grove, Transfiguration Vacation Bible School, Lake Zurich Octoberfest, Taste of the Towns, and Veteran Salute Organization shows a diverse and inclusive approach to community involvement. The “Paint the Car” activity for children during these events provides an interactive experience for the young attendees. It’s heartwarming to hear that sometimes even parents join in and pick up a paintbrush, making it a family-friendly and bonding activity.

By contributing positively to local events and offering opportunities for community members to come together, Casten Body shop not only builds goodwill with the people but also fosters a sense of unity and support within the community. Such initiatives help create lasting memories and strengthen the relationship between the body shop and the local residents. Casten’s is proud to be being part of making a difference in the community!