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Our policies and standards are designed to provide prompt, courteous and professional service to our customers.

Our Top Priority
Our experienced staff will make your visit to Casten Body Shop a pleasant one. If you have any questions on your insurance claims, our customer sales and service representatives will be there to help you every step of the way.

Insurance Companies
We work closely with over 100 different insurance companies, all of which have slightly different written and unwritten claims procedures. Our stated policies and procedures will help us and your claim adjusters smooth out problems associated with collision repair.

Payment Terms
We will help you with your insurance company when it comes to payment procedures. Repairs must be paid with a credit card, money order, cashiers check, certified check or cash. We will be glad to accept the insurance draft provided it has been properly endorsed by all payees. Be sure you obtain proper endorsements before picking up your vehicle.

In preparing the estimate, we make every effort to use our expertise in writing a thorough and comprehensive report of apparent damage. However, an estimate is just that, an estimate. If hidden damage is found, we immediately notify you and the insurance company about the supplemental repairs. After we document hidden damage and obtain approval, the repair process is continued.

The Repair Process
The repair process begins after we obtain approvals from you. Hourly rates for our services are posted in our office.

Unibody Repairs
Technicians utilize our state-of-the-art alignment system in repairing your vehicle. This is the best equipment available today.

Painting and Detailing
Highly trained and experienced paint technicians will paint your vehicle in our new environmentally approved paint booth using the very finest materials. After the paint is baked, we finish the surface, do final detail work, and clean the entire vehicle for your inspection.

May be required in some situations.